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Newsletter March2023 (Ramadan)

Dear Investor

As Salaamu Alaykum


During the holy month of Ramadan, Al Mabroor would like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest wishes to all our loyal clients. May this month bring you peace, happiness, and prosperity, and may your fasts be accepted and rewarded. Let us take this opportunity to reflect on our blessings, practice self-discipline, and show compassion towards those less fortunate. Ramadan Mubarak!

New En Commandite Fund Structure

The new structure has been approved by the Sharia Consultancy Committee, consisting of Mufti Shafique Jakhura, Moulana Bilal Jakhura and Sheikh Mohamed Carr, and will take effect on the 1st of April 2023. It will provide investors with added peace of mind as the Al Mabroor Agri Fund will operate under the guidelines of the FSCA. All investor funds will be pooled together, reducing the risk for individual investors. After much deliberation, the Al Mabroor Board believes the move to the new structure, is in the best interest of all Al Mabroor investors.

Feedback on Al Mabroor Agri

The past 8 months have been exceptionally challenging in the cattle industry due to the effects of Foot and Mouth disease and relatively higher than normal feeding costs. We can however thankfully say that we have slaughtered the last of the animals that carried the disease and that we are looking forward to much better times ahead. Weaner prices have declined significantly over the past 6 weeks for a variety of reasons and it is an ideal time to purchase them for breeding or feeding. In addition to low weaner prices, feeding costs have come down in recent weeks, due to the good rainfalls experienced in many parts of the country. Lower feeding costs will also contribute to the overall profitability of the Agri Fund. Al Mabroor Agri, with the assistance of skilled professional nutritional consultants, have develop cost-effective feeding methods to minimize input costs and maximize profits.

Sr Lea & Orchard

Al Mabroor is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of two further sub-acute/step down facilities as part of our Al Mabroor Hospital Fund. Both properties are staffed by experienced medical professionals who provide exceptional medical care to patients. These properties have already proven to be a success, with returns looking very promising. We are proud to have these facilities as part of our portfolio and look forward to continuing to provide high-quality healthcare services to patients and strong returns to our investors.

The Road Ahead

The investment opportunities in South Africa remains lucrative and plentiful. Al Mabroor will continue to strive to provide their loyal investors with the cream of these opportunities. Our focus in the next couple of months will be to fill the newly acquired Beefcor Feedlot with a further 20 000 animals, setting up investment opportunity in the green energy space, growing our sheep farming operations with specific focus on the export of sheep and cattle carcasses and to grow our wholesale diesel distribution operations. We hope and pray that you will be part of the journey.

Ramadan Mubarak

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