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Field of maize

Beefing up your investments

In early 2014, Al Mabroor identified and recognized an ideal opportunity in the agricultural sector. This created a new, innovative and exciting investment opportunity to our loyal investors. Initially the Al Mabroor Cattle Feeding Project was launched in a joint venture with Douglas Beef, situated on the banks of the Orange River in the Northern Cape.  


The main aim of the project is to purchase beef calves between the ages of 6 - 9 months and to rear them to be ready to enter the feedlot system, from where it is eventually sold to the abattoir. 


At present Al Mabroor Agri owns around 55 000 cattle, including breeding stock, and sells between 1000 – 1200 animals on a weekly basis to the abattoir. Further sales are conducted on a regular basis at auctions across the country. The best quality female animals are retained to increase the breeding stock in order to produce our own offspring in years to come. 


In the past year, Al Mabroor Agri diversified on a small scale into sheep farming, macadamia nut production and vegetable farming. In the long term, diversification will play a pivotal role in the sustainability of the Al Mabroor agricultural product. 


Namibia Farm

*All photos used were taken on our own farms



Beefcor is a cattle feedlot situated just outside Pretoria east on the R25. It procures weaner calves from selected and trusted farmers and backgrounds them.

It has been a very successful cattle feedlot over the past 2 decades and has the capacity to keep around 30 000 animals in the feedlot and a  further 15 000 animals on the surrounding grazing land for backgrounding purposes.



Brandfort Sheep Farm is situated in Brandfort, Free State. Al Mabroor Agri expanded their sheep farming operation towards the end of 2022 and at present we keep 2 300 ewes and 6 000 lambs.


At full capacity the facility can keep 4 500 ewes and16000 lambs.




Hennenman is a small town in the Free State province of South Africa. The town is supported by agriculture, especially maize production and cattle farming.

The 4000ha farm produces around 1500ha of maize and sunflower p.a. Additional grazing is planted, providing enough feed for roughly 8000 weaners.


  • Situated: Central Free State 

  • Current stock: 2400 calves, 2000 heifers 

  • Buying calves: local area, Northern Free State



​Bultfontein, located in the Free State province of South Africa, boasts a thriving agricultural sector that plays a vital role in the region's economy. Known for its fertile soils and favorable climate, Bultfontein is an agricultural heartland, cultivating a diverse range of crops.

  • Situated: Central Free State 

  • Current stock: 700 heifers

  • Capacity 2000 calves 

  • Function: Maize crops, Backgrounding calves 

  • Buying calves: local area and Free State



Smithfield, located in the Free State province of South Africa, boasts a thriving animal farming sector that plays a crucial role in the region's agricultural landscape.

  • Situated: Southern Free State 

  • Current stock: 750 calves, 4000 sheep  

  • Capacity: 750 calves

  • Function: Heifer breeding project, sheep farming



​The region's favorable climate and ample grazing lands create an ideal environment for livestock production.

  • Situated: Central Eastern Cape

  • Current stock: 350 cows, 800 calves 

  • Capacity: 2000 calves, 700 cows 

  • Function: Strategic holding station, backgrounding calves, cow herd 

  • Buying calves: Central Eastern Cape



  • Farms are Situated: Otjiwarongo, Hardap and Karasburg region.

  • Current stock: 2250 calves, 2000 heifer herd, cow herd and bulls 250.

  • Capacity: 6000 calves, 10 000 cows. 

  • Function: Sourcing calves from Namibia for the Douglas feedlot, backgrounding calves, cow herds, lucerne production.

  • Producing free range animals.

  • Buying calves: Eastern and Central Namibia.



  • Situated: Central Free State 

  • Current stock: 1800 backgrounding calves

  • Capacity: 2000 calves

  • Function: Teff (grass) crops, strategic holding station in the middle of the country and backgrounding, supplying claves to other backgrounding farms

  • Buying calves: Local area, Southern Free State

*All photos used was taken on our own farms

Port Alfred


  • Situated: Southern Eastern Cape

  • Current stock: 500 cows

  • Capacity: 500 cows 

  • Function: Cow herd 

  • Buying calves: Southern Eastern Cape

Macadamia Farm


Al Mabroor Agri acquired Loerieskloof in White River, Mpumalanga. The farm totals 253.74 ha and has 7 macadamia orchids in production totaling 71.70 ha and a possible 20 ha which can be developed. The 2021 harvest delivered 102 tons of Macadamia nuts. The 2022 harvest has already produced 147 tons and is not yet completed. There is also a game-fenced grazing area of 165 hectares that can be utilised for cattle backgrounding.

Sumeil Transport


  • Sumeil transport​

  • Fleet of 28 trucks​

  • Transport of cattle​

  • Transport of maize, grain etc 

SX Fuels


SX Fuels was established as part of the Al Mabroor Agri Fund to provide the Al Mabroor Agri farms and cattle transport division with fuel at wholesale prices. The company aims to capitalize on its success in the agriculture industry by venturing into the fuel distribution sector. Investors can benefit from this exciting opportunity by investing directly into SX Fuels.​

  • Truck stop facilities in Sasolburg, Isando & Ecander

  • Diesel wholesale and retail company 

  • 3 Trucks 

  • Supplying farms and cattle transport trucks 



  • Manufacturers of specialized agriculture equipment

  • ​Trailed spreaders for lime, fertilizer and wood chips

  • ​Mulchers / Weed trimmers

  • ​Renting out to farmers across the country

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