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New Investment Opportunities November 2023

Al Mabroor had a very fruitful two years in the private equity space. We expanded our investment offering to include investments in diesel wholesale and distribution, macadamia farming, agricultural equipment manufacturing, livestock transportation business, maize and sunflower production, medical care operations, hospital acquisitions, Shariah vehicle finance investment options, construction of hospitals, student accommodation construction and sheep farming, amongst other solid investment options. The diversification most certainly contributes to investors being able to invest in various asset classes and lowers risks by not having all your eggs in one basket.

Al Mabroor Agri acquired the Beefcor Feedlot at the end of 2022 and can be proud to be invested in one of the top 5 feedlots in the country.

We also acquired a further two hospitals in the Al Mabroor Hospital Fund. All these projects provide a steady and solid income stream to the investors of Al Mabroor.

Following constant requests by investors and after a thorough due diligence process, we our proud to say that we will be venturing into investments in the renewable energy space. We are also in the process of acquiring a Pretoria based frail care and rehabilitation facility to grow the Al Mabroor Hospital Fund.

For more information on what is currently available to investors, kindly see below.

Beefcor is a cattle feedlot situated just outside Pretoria East on the R25. Beefcor follows high standards of Corporate Governance, ensuring business ethics and sustainability. It has a proven record of profitability and value creation since its inception in 1973. Al Mabroor and the management team strive to deliver top quality cattle whilst optimizing production and overhead costs to provide excellent returns to stakeholders.

At the time of Al Mabroor acquiring Beefcor, Sparta was feeding around 16 000 animals on a contract feed basis at Beefcor. Sparta is one of the largest beef production role players in South Africa with an overall herd of 120 000. The contract feed agreement of the 16 000 animals, contributed to bringing down overheads and helped to make Beefcor extremely profitable. Due to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease, Sparta had to slaughter all their cattle and are currently in a restocking phase.

Beefcor has the capacity to keep around 44 000 animals and currently there are around 20 000 animals in the feedlot. Al Mabroor Agri is seeking to procure funding of R 120 million to restock the Beefcor Feedlot and to enhance the overall profitability of the feedlot and Al Mabroor Agri in the process.

Kindly see brochure below for more detailed information.

Investment Opportunity

Investments will be treated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Al Mabroor is offering a new investment opportunity to investors looking to invest directly in the alternate energy sector. The Renewable Energy Fund will consist of 2 business units, namely a generator leasing business and a solar power equipment distribution business. The investment will be affected in accordance with a separate En Commandite Partnership Agreement relevant to the specific transaction.


Large scale industrial businesses, mines and events venues can no longer operate without a backup generator. Our model is to serve these businesses by leasing generators to them on either a long-term or daily lease. Having already secured long-term leases for 500kva and 700kva generators we are in a position to start earning income from the onset.


We have secured an exclusive distribution agreement with Sunpal, an internationally recognized high-tech company specializing in research and development, production and sales of solar energy-related products such as solar panels, solar cells, solar air conditioners, solar water pumps and inverters. There are further agreements in place with electrical wholesalers and installers. Equipment will only be imported once a firm order has been received.

Investment Opportunity

Investments will be treated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Al Mabroor Hospital Fund signed an Offer to Purchase the Palms Renaissance property in Silverton, Pretoria. The property is an 8083m² frail care facility with an additional 21 simplex apartments of 1176m².

Hospicare, a subsidiary of Al Mabroor Hospital Fund, will operate the facility that has the potential for a further 202 beds.

The property is independantly valued at R 51 million. Al Mabroor Hospital Fund requires a further R 30 million to conclude the property acquisition, do certain upgrades to the property and to provide working capital for Hospicare to start operating the facility. It will be a property backed investment transaction.

Investment Opportunity

Investments will be treated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

For an queries please email

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