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Newsletter June 2022

As Salaamu Alaykum

Dear Investor

We trust you are well.

Road trip 2022

As in previous years, Al Mabroor again took several investors on a road trip throughout the country to show them the extent of the Al Mabroor farming operations and to give them a better understanding of the day-to-day activities generating profits for investors.

A total of 18 investors joined us on the 17th of May for a visit to Morgan Beef in Delmas where the heart of the Al Mabroor operations is currently housed. Later the afternoon, we flew to Kimberley and stayed the night at Villiera Guesthouse in Douglas. Investors were entertained to a lovely braai and a summary of the current farming activities in Namibia. Dr Rick Mapham, who consults for some of the largest feedlots in the country, also shared detail on the processes that Al Mabroor has put in place to ensure the health of the animals in the project. Theunis Goosen also explained how the Gigalot system works and the role it plays in ensuring that stock control is monitored on an ongoing basis.

The morning of the 18th we did a tour of the Douglas farm, feedlot and irrigation land. From there, we travelled to Bloemfontein to visit the holding station just outside the city. Late that afternoon, we visited the farm in Bultfontein, where they were busy harvesting the 1 200 ha of maize that was planted towards the end of last year.

The following morning, we visited our farm in Hennenman. Currently we have 1800 ha of maize ready for harvest in the next 2 months. We also keep around 4 800 cattle on the farm.

The trip was concluded with a visit to the farm in Parys, where the wagyu animals are kept for the final 12 months before they are sold to the abattoir. Investors were informed of current market conditions, export possibilities and the huge demand for slaughter ready wagyu animals.

The general feedback from the investors that attended the road trip, was that they were very impressed with the operational side of the business. Al Mabroor would like to thank everyone who attended the road trip.

For some feedback and more pictures of the road trip and our agricultural operations, please follow us on Instagram: and go like our Facebook Page:

New Sharia Board

Since the passing of the Mufti Ebrahim Desai, Al Mabroor continued to follow the Sharia guidelines as stipulated and provided by him.

We started to engage with Mufti Shafique Jakhura, Maulana Bilal Jakhura and Sheikh Mohammed Carr to form the new Sharia Board for Al Mabroor.

On the 24th of May, they visited our offices in Stellenbosch. They also visited the Delmas feedlot the following day as part of their Sharia due diligence on Al Mabroor. We are pleased to announce that they have given positive feedback on their visits and have indicated positively towards serving as the Sharia Supervisory Board of Al Mabroor once the due diligence has been completed at the end of July. Their encouraging feedback regarding the Al Mabroor operations is much appreciated and we are looking forward to working closely with them in the years to come.

Audited Annual Financial Statements

Al Mabroor appointed PKF auditors to do the annual financial statements of the Al Mabroor cattle and farming operations. The audits have been completed and will be sent to all investors in the next week.

Qurbani 2022

Once again this year, Al Mabroor is offering investors the opportunity to purchase their Qurbani animals through us. Please visit to purchase Karoo lamb online.

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead of us and would again like to thank everyone for their continued support.

Al Mabroor Agri Team

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Elize Taljaard
Elize Taljaard

is it possible for someone of Almabroors to contact me it will a previlledge to be part of the cattle farming we have the farm full of graze and 400ha wheat

Elize Taljaard


Thank You

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